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Professor Floyd Jay Winters, M.S., Ed.S. )

Welcome to my personal Website. This is designed as a fun demo site to show a variety of techniques, such as the attractive navigation and social media mains displayed above.

The most important thing in my life is my family - I have two brothers, two sisters, two kids; and lots of nieces and nephews. My family and I have dressed up for Halloween for over 30 years, and usually 30 or more of us gather at my son Mike's home late in October. Besides family, I love sailing, and I really enjoy building websites.

I am a certified Web Master. I do website design, development, and consulting.
Over 25 years of consulting experience in Bradenton, Sarasota, and Southwest Florida.
Start your website now at a price you can afford. Website price provided upfront. Guaranteed to meet website completion deadlines and customer satisfaction.

My official business website is

Get Your Own Personal and Customized Website on the Internet
Get Your Own Customized Email, such as:

I can build you a Website so you can:

  • Advertise a small business on the Internet with your own website
  • Chronicle a wedding, a special event, or share a collection of photos
  • Demonstrate your favorite hobby through videos or a slideshow
  • Show off your children or your pets through pictures or videos on your own website
  • Use your website to tell the world what you really think in a blog
  • Post your resume or the resume of your out-of-work brother-in-law on the Web

For $300 to $400 you get the following website design elements:

  • A Home Page: Typically 400 to 500 words, 4 to 5 images, similar to this web page
  • A Domain Name: The registration of your .com, .org, .net, .info, or .biz site
  • A Navigation Bar: A Vertical or Horizontal menu, as shown in blue on top and on left
  • A Cascading Style Sheet: This efficiently keeps each web page in the same style
  • Validated and Optimized: Web pages written with current HTML5 and CSS3 standards
  • Hosting company: Place your website on a Web server so it is available 24/7, worldwide
  • Note1: You supply the photos and images, or there may be an extra charge
  • Note2: $300 down payment before I can start building your web site
  • Note3: I provide written completion dates up front and I guarantee my deadlines!

$200 for each additional secondary Website page:

  • A secondary web page could be largely text, similar to this page, up to 400 words
  • Or it could be a photos page, with a short intro paragraph and up to 12 photos
  • Note: Shopping carts and other special pages are more expensive

$50 to $200 for special artwork, logos, and banners:

$40 per half hour to modify existing Website pages

  • I am very efficient and often work live with my clients over the phone
  • Clients can tap Refresh Internet Explorer 9 Refresh Button or Internet Explorer Refresh Button or press [F5] and watch the changes as I make them