Image Banner or Header goes here

Top Nav is pure CSS

Side Nav uses a single 3-part image

  Left Column

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This is 2-column, Masthead, Nav and Footer template. Top links do not work.
You can use the Top_nav, Side_nav or both navs.

The Top_Nav is pure CSS. The Side_Nav uses an image.
Very similar effect, but the pure CSS does not use an image.

Do with your styles, colors, design, and banner.

Students: Add a beautiful customized banner in the Masthead

Be sure to change colors and styles, and add a background.
Change the 3-part navigation background image color and design.
The navigation background image is: url(images/navBackground.gif)
Right-click and choose View Source to see code and the internal stylesheet
Also be sure to put the internal styles in a separate external .css file.